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Buying Tips
  Ten Things Your Jewelry Would Not Want You to Know
  Top 10 Tips to buy a Bracelet
  Top 10 Tips to buy a Diamond Pendant


Ten Things Your Jeweler Would Not Want You To Know

Buying jewelry is not free of risks and flaws. There are many things that a jeweler doesn't want you to know when he/she sells you jewelry. Wise men have already said, 'all that glitters is not gold' and 'every stone that sparkles isn't a diamond'. Here's a checklist of the things that your jeweler wouldn't want you to know.

Diamond Jewelry Can't Ever Be On Sale

Every day you are exposed to sales advertisements at your local jewelry stores. Temptation to splurge on that diamond ring you saw the other day is strong because it is on sale after all – right. Wrong! There is no such thing as a diamond sale. Did you know that DeBeers control 65% of all cut or uncut diamond supply across the world and they regulate the supply as desired? This helps the market to never get oversaturated nor allows the prices to fall down. But coming back to diamond sale; only diamonds that are "flawed" (less brilliance, less valuable) are sold in a sale.

Beautified "Perfect" Diamond

New scientific developments have proved to that diamonds can be enhanced to appear "perfect." Some of these methods of enhancing the appearance of the diamonds include:

Fracture filling - a treatment that is used to fill visible cracks in the stone with a glasslike substance. It makes the stone look more expensive than it really is and is not a long lasting treatment.

Artificial stones - Sometime artificial stones are passed off as real diamonds because they appear just like the real thing. These are sold off at the price of real diamonds. Always ensure your diamond is legit and check that there is a return policy before you buy any piece of jewelry.

Dyed Precious Colored Stones

Natural colored, precious stones such as emeralds, rubies, sapphires are increasingly becoming rare. Many of these stones are likely to be treated with techniques like heating or oiling to enhance their appearance. Just make sure you ask the salesperson before buying, and try to get them appraised externally if possible.

Blood Diamonds From Africa

Diamonds from countries such as Sierra Leone, Angola, or the Congo are mined using slave laborers. Some of this money also funds warlords who use it to buy weapons to kill innocent civilians. It may not be possible for your jeweler to tell you the origin of the diamond as it changes many hands. Besides, there is no way to certify that a diamond is "conflict-free."

Be Careful When Buying Diamonds Online

Online shopping for jewelry is not very popular yet. The images displayed on the websites are very different from what you wind up with. Additionally, return policies are problematic, while many websites just disappear. Only buy from sites that offer you a full refund within a decent timeframe. Oh! If you don't find any information about the treatment of stones, don't bother buying them.

Shiny Beads = Pearls?

There are natural pearls and then there are cultured pearls. Natural pears are rare and very expensive, while cultured pearls are available easily. A good pearl has a thick nacre or the lustrous coating that covers its nucleus. Thick nacre means more glow, and a purer pearl. Stay away from pearl jewelry that is sold around $150, as these are artificial and spoil soon.

Extended Jewelry Warranties Are A Burden

Extended warranties sold by jewelry stores cost from a few dollars to a few hundreds. These warranties are a burden and cover only partial loss. You'd be better off buying a new insurance policy that can protect your jewelry against all kinds of loss including theft, death by garbage disposal etc.

Remember, caution is the key to buying good jewelry. So research properly before you buying a piece of jewelry and stay safe.

Tips for buying Jewelry

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