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Posey Rings - the Lovers’Token

Engraved the initials, anniversaries of you and your beloved one or a short phrase on the Posey Rings to make
it a unique Lover’s Token, let you feel the sweetness of love by wearing it near to your heart (as a pendant / a ring).

Design Concept: The wavy shaped ring is like the Ocean, two of you find each other in this boundless Ocean;
engraving your initials on this ring signifies the Ocean-deep Love.

Step 1: Enter 1 alphabetical character in each box (from A to Z, capital letter only )


Sample: (The outer surface-top-view side)

Step 2:Entre the anniversaries or a short phrase that carries special meanings (Capital letters or numbers, limit to 8 characters)

(     )

Sample: (The outer surface-bottom-view side)

Production Time:10 to 14 working days

Step 3:Ring Size
Male size US8 (around HK18) Female Size US5.5 (around HK12) Order other sizes >

Step 4:Choose Leather Chain OR 925 Silver Necklace

18 inch Leather Chain, length adjustable

925 Silver Necklace –18 inch (45cm)
US$ 25.33 / HK$ 190
Love Chocoalate Edition Set
HK$1,399# / US$ 186.53#


Product Information >

Remarks: Order to make items are not applicable for return service.
For more details and inquiries, simply call our phone order hotline 852-2971 2303 or email
Total :US$ 203.42

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2015-12-19 16:17 HKT
Nice meaning full SMS.This is a remendir for all those busy with the untruthfull friends who forgets the real ones who loves them the most . Even for my friend NABEEL also.. who couldn't feel the love, care, affection andmore which i have matured for years FOR HIM but___________ went away from me 4ever ever and ever [url=]gtwyxa[/url] [link=]fkemzieotr[/link]
2015-12-18 19:31 HKT
Farven der kommer frem afhe6nger af favern/farvningen pe5 blusen. Jeg har prf8vet at eksperimentere med nogle forskellige mf8rke nuancer, og en mf8rkeble5 giver en mere lilla farve.Hvor imod den sorte giver en rf8d bre6ndt farve.Se5 jeg vil foresle5 dig at kf8be noget i en meget mf8rkeble5 farve, eller prf8ve pe5 noget du har i forvejen der er mf8rkeble5t. Se5 kan du formegentlig fe5 en lilla farve frem.Altse5 skal du stadig bruge klor til at afblege dem, blot e6ndre favern pe5 den ting du farve
Wong Wai Kin

2015-09-02 11:32 HKT
925 純銀項鏈 –約 18 吋......可不可以要純鏈?不要吊墜!THX

2014-07-03 18:47 HKT
2012-05-07 20:05 HKT
你好!我想只想買一條“925 純銀項鏈 –約 18 吋 (45cm)”,請問網上有得選購嗎?還是需要你們手動生成訂單?
2012-05-07 20:05 HKT
你好!我想只想買一條“925 純銀項鏈 –約 18 吋 (45cm)”,請問網上有得選購嗎?還是需要你們手動生成訂單?
Lau Ho yin
2012-01-21 11:09 HKT

2012-01-20 23:55 HKT
係一對價錢嗎? 美度港度點分??

2011-12-07 09:25 HKT
Q1, 個價錢是否包兩隻介指? Q2, 何謂"美度"同"港度"? Q3, 如何付款? Q4, 付款後幾耐有貨?

2011-08-10 00:48 HKT
你好!我想只想買兩條“925 純銀項鏈 –約 18 吋 (45cm)”,請問網上有得選購嗎?還是需要你們手動生成訂單?
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